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Five ways for truck drivers to fight off fatigue

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Commercial trucking is stressful, and the hours are long. That’s why truckers in Tennessee should not be surprised if they constantly feel drowsy. On the other hand, they should not be indifferent to their condition as it can make them unsafe on the road. Below are five ways to fight off fatigue.

Naps and healthier food

Truckers should sleep six to eight hours a day, and not necessarily at once. The National Sleep Foundation says naps enhance driving performance and increase alertness. Second, there’s the importance of a healthy diet and opting for chicken and tuna sandwiches, for instance, over hamburgers. Truckers who eat candy bars for a sugar rush will only feel more tired afterward.

Water rather than alcohol or caffeine

Third, truckers should seriously limit their consumption of caffeine. The more caffeine one drinks, the more one needs to block the receptors for adenosine, which is the molecule that creates drowsiness. Alcohol, a depressant, is well-known for causing sleepiness. The fourth tip is to drink lots of water as dehydration can be linked to fatigue.

How the truck cab contributes to fatigue

The last tip is to consider how the truck cab makes truckers more tired by constantly bouncing and jarring them. A good seat suspension system can help offset these effects, which extend beyond fatigue to include back pain and even spinal degradation.

What truck crash victims can do

Motor vehicle crashes involving 18-wheelers can end in severe injuries for the passenger vehicle occupants. Perhaps you were in such an accident and are now dealing with a disability that impacts your ability to earn a living. You may be compensated for your losses if you file a claim against the trucking company. However, it’s important to hire a lawyer to evaluate your case and help with each step.