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Teens more likely to cause distracted driving car accidents

According to statistics compiled by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, teen drivers pose a significant danger to fellow travelers. For the five-year span between 2013 and 2017, an estimated 3,500 people were killed in car accidents caused by teenage drivers. In Tennessee and elsewhere helping teenagers develop safe driving skills is important.

The AAA study found that some of the more serious crashes were attributed to motorists speeding or being under the influence of intoxicating substances. Data for the study used information involving teen drivers between the ages of 15 to 18. Those with learner's permits and restricted licenses were also included in the statistics.

Are you following these ladder safety tips on the job?

When using a ladder at work, it's critical that your safety takes top priority. Even though you have a task to complete, you don't want to make any mistakes that will put your health and well-being at risk.

There are many safety tips you can follow to avoid trouble when using a ladder. Here are five that will enhance your safety and put your mind at ease:

  • Inspect your ladder before use: Defects and damage can result in an accident, so inspect your ladder before taking the first step. From missing rivets and bolts to rust, you never know what you'll find.
  • Don't place your ladder close to traffic: If your ladder is too close to pedestrian and/or vehicular traffic, there's a greater chance of someone or something knocking into it.
  • Place your ladder on level ground: It may take some searching around to find level ground, but it's critical to your safety. Also, make sure the ground is firm enough to hold your ladder in place while in use.
  • Don't carry heavy loads: Carrying a heavy load when ascending or descending increases the likelihood of falling. If you begin to lean, the weight of the load can pull you off the ladder.
  • Maintain three points of contact: Keep both hands and one foot or both feet and one hand on the ladder at all times. This will help you maintain control of your body, while also preventing a fall.

When another driver texts, is it criminal or just negligent?

The decisions that other people make can leave you or people that you love in unnecessary danger. For example, people who choose to drink and then drive endanger the people who encounter them on the road. The same can easily be said about people who text and drive.

Most people readily acknowledge how dangerous texting at the wheel can be, but that doesn't stop everyone from looking down at their phones or trying to send a message while driving. People who have their hands and their eyes on their phone instead of on the steering wheel of their vehicle will have longer reaction times that could easily contribute to a major motor vehicle wreck.

Fatigue can lead to injuries, workers' compensation claims

A recent poll indicates an estimated 30% of U.S. workers are getting by on less than six hours of sleep. Studies have shown conclusively that workers who are experiencing fatigue are at a higher risk for suffering a workplace injury. Tennessee workers who are injured on the job are typically entitled to file for benefits through the state's workers' compensation insurance program.

In this country, the idea that sleep is for unproductive people has taken root in many industries. Instead of striving to ensure that employees are able to get the necessary rest for optimal health and work productivity, many employers demand overtime and schedule workers for odd shifts. However, even just one night of decreased sleep increases the risk of a serious error in judgment on the part of a tired worker. For each successive night of poor sleep, the risk continues to rise.

Tennessee county settles personal injury lawsuit over car crash

In a rare decision, a Tennessee county opted to settle a lawsuit for $150,000 for the damages caused by an on-duty officer. The personal injury lawsuit was filed after a woman and a passenger in her vehicle suffered injuries that required medical treatment when her car was struck by the deputy. The original suit was filed for an estimated $900,000.

An attorney for the county stated that this was the first time he remembers the county admitting liability in an accident. However, the dash camera video showed clear evidence that the deputy made no effort to avoid the accident in the moments before impact. According to the case, the 59-year-old woman left the parking lot of a local restaurant and pulled into the travel lane. The deputy, who was purportedly exceeding the posted limit by an estimated 60-65 mph, was approaching from the rear.

For those who are injured, workers' compensation may be critical

No matter the occupation, almost any job comes with a certain risk of serious injury. In many cases, extensive experience is not a reliable protection against the danger of suffering a serious -- or even fatal -- injury on the job. Whenever a Tennessee worker suffers serious injuries, benefits from the workers' compensation program may be a critical safety net.

Recently, two experienced water department employees were in the field working to repair a fire hydrant. As the two were engaged in their work, two cars collided in a nearby intersection. The impact sent one of the vehicles hurtling off the road and straight toward the workers. The men had no time to react and were both struck by the car.

Avoid these dangerous driving situations

If you are like other drivers on I-40, you may have had a few close calls while you have been behind the wheel. Whether it is bad weather, reckless or drunk drivers, or speeding semitrucks, the roads can be a very dangerous place to be. While the only way to avoid a car accident is to stop driving and never ride in another car, this is not a realistic option for most people in Tennessee. Fortunately, it is possible to reduce your chances of becoming involved in an accident.

One of the best ways to decrease the risk of a car wreck to be aware of dangerous driving situations. Here are a few risky driving situations you should always be aware of when you are behind the wheel.

Tennessee officer latest victim of fatal car accidents

The decision to work as a public servant charged with protecting residents is seldom undertaken without full consideration of the risks involved. In spite of the inherent danger of police work, it is often the ordinary dangers that take the greatest toll on the lives of both law enforcement and civilians. Recently, a Tennessee police officer became the latest victim of fatal car accidents involving law enforcement.

The fatal collision occurred at an intersection as the four-year veteran of the Nashville Police Department was responding to a call. His service vehicle was struck by a 17-year-old driver who was purportedly fleeing from a traffic stop. The impact killed the 28-year-old man at the scene. The teen's passenger was critically injured in the crash while the driver suffered only minor injuries for which she was treated and later released.

Learn basic motorcycle hand signals for group rides

The warm summer months are a good time to head out on the highway on your big two-wheeler with a group of like-minded motorcycle riders. Group rides can be a great bonding experience and a lot of fun for everyone involved.

But as with any motorcycle experience, a group ride poses certain dangers. However, with some planning and a little foresight, many of these can be overcome. One way to be safer on your group ride is to make sure that everyone knows the basic motorcycle hand signals.

A personal injury suit may help with needed home modifications

If in a serious accident, a victim may be left with permanent disability for which he or she may need to make adjustments in the future. One of the most daunting tasks may be finding ways to make a home more accessible. If a victim is injured in a Tennessee accident, he or she may have a basis for filing a personal injury lawsuit.

An accident that leaves a person with a physical handicap may not realize at first just how many areas of life will be adversely affected. If one is expected to be confined to a wheelchair or has to make other concessions to limited abilities, the home in which he or she lives may need to be modified. One of the first places to start is with the exterior and entrances. Surfaces leading up to the home may need to be made level or have ramps installed. Driveways or sidewalks may need modifications to increase traction for wheelchairs or for those who are susceptible to slips and falls. 

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