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Boren & Boyd, PLC, is a personal injury law firm located in Jackson, Tennessee. Our lawyers have a track record of success. Here are a few examples of our case results:

$1.5 million: Jeff Boyd successfully tried a case against a tractor trailer company that resulted in a jury award of $1.5 million. The case involved three brothers who were traveling Interstate 40 on their way home to Texas. When traffic slowed for construction, the driver of the tractor trailer did not and plowed through the back of the client’s U-Haul and their pickup truck, causing extensive injuries to the three men.

$2.3 million: Jeff Boyd successfully tried a case against a large exercise equipment manufacturing company for injuries the client sustained when the bench broke and slammed him into the frame, causing a serious spinal injury. The jury awarded $2.3 million to the client and his family.

$2 million: A truck driver picked up a sealed load in Pulaski, Tennessee, and proceeded to drive into Georgia, where he was to deliver the load. When he opened the back door of the truck at his destination, the load was right against the back door and fell out, causing serious and permanent injuries. The defendant asserted that the factory in Pulaski, which had loaded the truck, had an exact drawing showing how the pallets had been loaded near the front of the truck. Their position was that the load had slid to the back white going across Monteagle Mountain. To illustrate what they contended was impossible, Ricky obtained the exact truck and loaded it with the exact same load as they had drawn up and picked the truck almost straight up with a wrecker and the load didn’t move. In the face of that evidence, the case settled for $2 million.

Ricky represented the family of a young lady who worked as an assistant manager of a shop in the Old Hickory Mali. She went to visit a friend in Decatur County, where they went to night club on Brodie’s Landing Road. The waitresses testified that the young lady did not have anything to drink and did not appear to be impaired. When she left the night club, she turned left instead of right and drove off into the Tennessee River, causing her death. Her blood was tested twice and the second time, it showed she had smoked marijuana, probably within a short time of going into the water. Suit was brought against the County and the State for failure to have road signs up and for also having a situation where the road directly dead-ended into the river. A non-disclosed settlement was reached in that matter.

$1.3 million: A young man was riding with a friend who had been drinking. The friend ran into the back of a semi truck, causing serious and permanent injuries to the young man. The friend testified that he was not impaired at the time of the accident. The case was tried to a jury in Madison County in Jackson, Tennessee, and the jury awarded $1.3 million against both the driver and his father, who had provided him with the car.

$250,000: Ricky represented the manager of a local home products company who was struck from the rear in his work truck. He developed chronic headaches. As a result, he was treated by a neurologist at the Semmes Murphey Clinic, who felt that the chronic headaches were a result of the accident. The defendant obtained a neurosurgeon from Nashville who testified that his headaches were due to rebound syndrome from taking too much medication prescribed by the treating doctor. He essentially said it was the treating doctor’s fault. The treating doctor testified live at Court and was very persuasive. The jury awarded damages in the amount of $250,000.

$1 million: Jeff Boyd successfully settled a case against a negligent driver for the death of a client who was riding a motorcycle with his wife. The case settled for the limits of the insurance policy, which was $1 million.

$2 million: Jeff Boyd successfully obtained a judgment against a Chinese manufacturer of a kitchen appliance after it caught fire, burned down a client’s house and caused him serious injury when he attempted to rescue his animals from the property. The judgment was for $2 million.

$270,000: Ricky represented a grandmother, her daughter and her granddaughter, who all worked at the same factory in Parsons, Tennessee. They were driving to work one morning and went through an intersection where they had the right-of-way. The stop sign facing in the other direction had been knocked down several weeks before and hadn’t been replaced. Therefore, a driver coming from that direction did not know that he did not have the right of-way and struck their vehicle. All three ladies sustained significant injuries. This case was brought under the Governmental Tort Claims Act against the City of Parsons. It was, therefore, tried nonjury to the Circuit Judge, who awarded total damages in excess of $270,000.

$975,000: Ricky represented two sisters who were struck on their way to work in Madison County by a tractor trailer truck. Both of the sisters were killed as a result of the collision. The total insurance coverage available for that accident was one million dollars and the cases settled for $975,000.

$1.35 million: Ricky represented the family of a college student who was killed in a motor vehicle accident with a tractor trailer truck. That case settled for the payment of $1.35 million.

$250,000: A cook on a river boat was in the galley preparing a meal when the river boat struck the Tennessee River bridge at Paris. This case was brought under the Jones Act which governs injuries sustained by people working on the river. The cook required a hip replacement as a result of her injury. The case was tried to a jury in Henry County Tennessee, who awarded damages in the amount of $250,000.

$400,000: A lady was killed when she was struck by a pickup truck being driven by a teenager who was intoxicated. The intoxicated teenager was driving a vehicle that had been provided by his parents, who were divorced. Under the terms of the insurance policy, if he was living with his father, he would have significant insurance coverage. If he was not, the family would have been entitled to a maximum of $25,000. The facts showed that he had delivered his clothes from his mother’s house to his father’s house but had not yet moved in to spend the night. A side issue in the case arose because the father had emails showing he had tried to make sure his son would be covered under his insurance, but as of the date of the accident that had never officially occurred. This case was settled at mediation for the payment of $400,000.

Jeff Boyd has represented over 2,000 clients in workers compensation claims related to hearing loss sustained by them as a result of exposure to industrial noise in factory settings. If you or a family member wears hearing protection on the job, then there is sufficient noise to cause hearing loss. If you or a family member has ever failed a hearing screen at work, there is probably work-related hearing loss. Get copies of your hearing screens from work and let us review them to see. Settlements have ranges from $2,000 up to $134,000, with lifetime hearing aids paid for by workers’ compensation.

$850,000: Ricky represented a lady on a referral from an out-of-state lawyer. The out-of-state lawyer had filed suit against the driver who had caused the accident which produced severe injuries to our client. The lawyer who had previously filed suit failed to determine that the at-fault driver was driving in the course and scope of his employment and was therefore covered under his employer’s insurance policy. We were able to add the employer late under a special Tennessee Statute. The at-fault driver had $100,000 in insurance coverage. When we were able to get the employer involved in the case, the case ultimately settled for the payment of approximately $850,000.

$850,000: Ricky represented a gentleman who was employed at a local factory. He was rear-ended by a beer truck. He had never had any prior back problems, and he went on to have two major surgeries to his back and incurred significant medical expenses. The problem with the case was that there was essentially no property damage to his vehicle. We were able to obtain a settlement on his behalf in the amount of $850,000.

Ricky represent a truck driver who was sideswiped by a vehicle on the interstate. He stopped to give assistance and went up to the vehicle to check to see if any one was injured. Another vehicle came on the scene and struck the vehicle to which he was giving assistance, knocking it into him. Neither of the at-fault vehicles had insurance. Our injured client sought to use his own uninsured motorist coverage. The Circuit Court Judge in Memphis has ruled that even though he left his vehicle and had gone to give assistance, he would be able to use his own uninsured motorist coverage. That case is presently on appeal and awaits a final resolution by the Appellate Court.

$100,000: Ricky represented a retired lady who was involved in a motor vehicle accident and sustained a broken rib which developed into non-union (failed to heal). There was really no surgery that had a high likelihood of making her better. That case settled for the payment of $100,000.

$750,000: Ricky represented a man whose gun went off while he was cleaning it and shot his girlfriend. He took her to the emergency room and the police came to investigate. The police picked him up and took him back to his home to pick up the gun. As they were riding back to the hospital, a vehicle crossed the center line and struck the police car head on. The at-fault person had very little insurance coverage. Fortunately, the city police had a $1 million uninsured motorist policy. That case settled for $750,000.

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