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Why is machine entanglement so dangerous for workers?

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2024 | Workers' Compensation |

In industrial settings, machinery and equipment help with various processes. However, machine entanglement is a risk in Tennessee.

This hazard poses a danger to workers. It could potentially result in severe injuries such as amputations or deep lacerations.

What is machine entanglement?

Machine entanglement occurs when clothing, accessories or body parts become caught or trapped in moving machinery or equipment. This can happen suddenly and without warning.

Common causes

Several factors contribute to machine entanglement. Loose clothing, dangling accessories or improperly secured hair are common culprits. Additionally, lack of proper training or negligence in maintaining equipment can worsen the risk.

The dangers of machine entanglement

Limbs or digits caught in machinery may suffer traumatic injuries, ranging from deep cuts and bruises to complete amputations. The force exerted by moving parts can cause rapid and irreversible damage. A person often requires immediate medical attention and long-term rehabilitation.

Prevention and safety measures

Employers must implement strict safety protocols. They should include comprehensive training on equipment operation and maintenance. Workers need to undergo education on the importance of wearing appropriate attire and securing loose clothing or accessories while working around machinery.

Workers’ compensation

Workers’ compensation can provide important support to affected individuals. This financial assistance may cover medical expenses, rehabilitation costs and lost wages during the recovery period. By accessing these benefits, injured workers can focus more on their recovery.

Machine entanglement is not uncommon in industries reliant on heavy machinery and equipment. However, workplaces can strive toward preventing tragic incidents and ensuring the well-being of their workforce.

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