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For those who are injured, workers' compensation may be critical

No matter the occupation, almost any job comes with a certain risk of serious injury. In many cases, extensive experience is not a reliable protection against the danger of suffering a serious -- or even fatal -- injury on the job. Whenever a Tennessee worker suffers serious injuries, benefits from the workers' compensation program may be a critical safety net.

Avoid these dangerous driving situations

If you are like other drivers on I-40, you may have had a few close calls while you have been behind the wheel. Whether it is bad weather, reckless or drunk drivers, or speeding semitrucks, the roads can be a very dangerous place to be. While the only way to avoid a car accident is to stop driving and never ride in another car, this is not a realistic option for most people in Tennessee. Fortunately, it is possible to reduce your chances of becoming involved in an accident.

Tennessee officer latest victim of fatal car accidents

The decision to work as a public servant charged with protecting residents is seldom undertaken without full consideration of the risks involved. In spite of the inherent danger of police work, it is often the ordinary dangers that take the greatest toll on the lives of both law enforcement and civilians. Recently, a Tennessee police officer became the latest victim of fatal car accidents involving law enforcement.

A personal injury suit may help with needed home modifications

If in a serious accident, a victim may be left with permanent disability for which he or she may need to make adjustments in the future. One of the most daunting tasks may be finding ways to make a home more accessible. If a victim is injured in a Tennessee accident, he or she may have a basis for filing a personal injury lawsuit.

When can you sue your employer after a workplace accident?

Getting hurt at work can turn your daily life from simple and straightforward into something more difficult and financially precarious. Instead of having a reliable income, you may now have an increasing level of medical debt to worry about, as well as your lack of regular income to complicate things further.

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