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Hearing loss in the workplace is widely preventable

When you think of workplace hazards, you mind might turn to things like fall risks, electrocutions and similar factors. One that people don't usually think about is noise. Hearing loss is the third most common physical condition classified as chronic in this country. Arthritis and high blood pressure are the only conditions that are more prevalent.

A driver who doesn't maintain their vehicle is possibly negligent

Motor vehicles are a convenience that also creates substantial risk for injury and even death. Quite a few people seem to have forgotten the danger a vehicle poses, as evidenced by dangerous driving practices and a disinterested approach to vehicle maintenance. Everyone on the road should do their part to stay safe. Those who don't endanger themselves and others.

Study reveals which states see most drunk driving car accidents

According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2017, the majority of fatal accidents caused by intoxicated drivers involved motorists whose Blood Alcohol Content exceeded the national standard of .08. Indeed, more than half of drunk driving car accidents involved drivers whose levels were nearly double the legal limits. There are several states where drunk driving is a serious issue, and while Tennessee did not make the top 10, it still sees more than its share of fatalities.

Workers' compensation often provides much-needed support

Those who work in the construction industries face various potential hazards from both equipment and falls. If those two factors combine during an unforeseen accident, workers can suffer serious or even fatal injuries. Tennessee workers who have been injured on the job often rely on the benefits provided by the workers' compensation insurance program to get them through difficult circumstances.

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