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A driver who doesn’t maintain their vehicle is possibly negligent

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Motor vehicles are a convenience that also creates substantial risk for injury and even death. Quite a few people seem to have forgotten the danger a vehicle poses, as evidenced by dangerous driving practices and a disinterested approach to vehicle maintenance. Everyone on the road should do their part to stay safe. Those who don’t endanger themselves and others.

If another driver causes a crash that hurts you, you may have the right to take action against them. Bringing a civil case against a driver is an option if either negligence or a wrongful act contributed to the crash. Many people understand that texting at the wheel is a form of negligence. Another common form of negligence that people often overlook is a failure to properly maintain the vehicle.

Inadequate vehicle maintenance can be a primary factor in otherwise preventable motor vehicle collisions. The more you know about inadequate vehicle maintenance and negligence, the more prepared you will be to take action if this issue impacts you.

Vehicles have critical systems that need to function properly

There are many important safety components in your vehicle, from the seat belt that restrains you to the steering system that helps you maintain control of the vehicle. The brakes, the windshield and even the tires can all play a role in your ability to maneuver and control the vehicle.

A properly maintained vehicle will handle better and allow the driver more control. Improperly maintained vehicles can exacerbate road conditions or errors on the part of the driver. Bad brakes on their own may not cause a crash, but if someone doesn’t pay close enough attention to and tries to stop short, those bad brakes could result in a collision. The same is true of balding tires.

It is the responsibility of everyone on the Tennessee roads to properly maintain their vehicle for their own safety and the safety of the general public. Given that most rational people accept the connection between inadequate maintenance and vehicle failure, choosing to drive with bald tires or bad brakes can be adequate grounds for a lawsuit.

Inadequate vehicle maintenance is one of the leading causes of crashes

The most common causes for collisions include distraction, chemical impairment and exhaustion. However, speeding and inadequate maintenance are also on the list of top risk factors. Quite a few serious crashes would not happen each year if drivers would just invest the time and money necessary to keep their vehicle in road-worthy condition.

Drivers should attempt to minimize their risks, not ignore potential issues until they cause a crash. Anyone who gets into a crash with a driver whose broken down vehicle was the primary factor for a collision in Tennessee may be able to hold the other driver accountable for their negligent maintenance.

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