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Man to face trial for fatal truck collision

When drivers don't get enough sleep, they shouldn't be on the roads. Unfortunately, some make the mistake of opting out of sleep in exchange for caffeine or drugs that keep them awake. This doesn't always help, though, and when they nod off, it can mean a serious...

The 4 most common car accident injuries

No one gets on the road thinking they're going to get into a car accident, but these accidents happen every day in Tennessee -- and they happen when we least expect them to. Maybe you were driving your child to school and a drunk driver sideswiped you. Maybe you were...

Whiplash: A sometimes slow-developing injury

Whiplash is a frustrating condition. For some people, it resolves in only a few days, but for others, it leads to many months or years of symptoms. Whiplash occurs when the head is forced forward and back quickly. It may also occur if the head moves from one side to...

What happens if a drunk driver hits you?

There's no question that drunk drivers put other drivers in danger. They can't react at the same speeds as normal, and they make mistakes others wouldn't. Drunk drivers may fall asleep behind the wheel or take risks they shouldn't. As someone hurt in a drunk-driving...

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