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How do brain injuries impact memory?

Brain injuries, especially traumatic ones, have the potential to leave a huge impact on your brain's health. It can affect many things, from your emotional state to physical pain. It can even impact your memory. But in what ways do these damages manifest? What...

What should you know about RSIs?

Repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) make up a majority of workplace-related non-fatal injuries. Some people think that this means they are not serious. They think such common issues surely could not pose much of a problem. Unfortunately, this is untrue. One single RSI...

How does drowsy driving contribute to crashes?

Many distracted driving behaviors impact driver safety. One of the most common is drowsy driving. Unfortunately, this form of distracted driving is on the rise lately. More drowsy drivers get into dangerous or fatal crashes every year. But what is it that makes drowsy...

What to look for to spot a reckless driver

Defensive driving is a great way to help keep yourself and your passengers safe on the road. Obeying traffic laws, avoiding distractions, and focusing on the road can all help ensure that you get to your destination safely and securely. Unfortunately, not everyone...

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