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What are some typical kinds of delayed injuries?

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2024 | Personal Injury |

Emerging from the aftermath of an accident, individuals may mistakenly assume they have escaped without any problems. Yet, several injuries can reveal themselves days or weeks later.

Recognizing these delayed injuries is important for a swift recovery.


Fractures, especially microfractures, may not be immediately apparent following an accident. However, as the body’s natural healing process continues, the pain increases and the fracture becomes more obvious. Early diagnosis through imaging is important for proper treatment.

Nerve compression

Accidents, particularly those involving sudden impacts, can lead to nerve compression injuries. As time goes on, tingling, numbness or radiating pain may impact an individual. Certain types of intervention, such as physical therapy or ergonomic adjustments, help people deal with long-term nerve damage.

Internal organ injuries

Internal organ injuries resulting from blunt force trauma may not initially seem to happen after an accident. Symptoms such as abdominal pain or internal bleeding could then show up days after the incident. Internal injuries are sometimes deadly if left untreated.

Musculoskeletal dislocations

Dislocations of joints or bones can occur in accidents without much notice. Individuals may sense discomfort but dismiss it as temporary. However, delayed-onset pain and restricted movements are signs of musculoskeletal dislocation.

As of 2021, around 6.9% of American adults suffer from chronic pain that seriously limits their daily activities. Dealing with these kinds of injuries could create stress and worry, especially if someone does not know what to look for right after an accident. Addressing potential health problems is one way to prevent or reduce some long-term consequences.

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