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How can debris cause an accident on the road?

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2023 | Car Accidents |

When it comes to road safety, people often focus on factors such as speeding, drunk driving or reckless behavior behind the wheel. While these issues undoubtedly pose significant risks, there is another, often underestimated hazard that can lead to severe accidents, which is road debris.

42,915 Americans died from vehicle crashes in 2021, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. From small objects like pebbles to larger items like fallen tree branches, debris on the road can turn an ordinary commute into a life-threatening collision.

Tire damage and loss of control

One of the most immediate dangers of encountering road debris is the risk of tire damage. Sharp objects like nails, broken glass or metal fragments can puncture a tire, leading to a sudden loss of air pressure.

When a tire goes flat, a driver can struggle to maintain control of the vehicle, especially at high speeds. This loss of control can result in swerving, spinning out or even rollovers.

Hazardous obstacles

Debris on the road can also create hazardous obstacles for drivers to navigate. Large items like furniture, construction materials or even abandoned vehicles can obstruct lanes and pose a significant threat. Drivers may have to swerve abruptly to avoid collisions, endangering themselves and others in the process.

Reduced visibility

Debris does not only impact the road surface but can also affect visibility. Dust and dirt kicked up by passing vehicles can obscure a driver’s vision, making it challenging to react to sudden changes in traffic or road conditions. Moreover, if a driver encounters debris like leaves or trash on the windshield, it can further impair their ability to see clearly.

Chain reaction collisions

Debris-related accidents often lead to chain reaction collisions. When one vehicle encounters debris and takes evasive action, the vehicles behind may not have enough time to react. This can result in a domino effect, causing multiple collisions and a potentially catastrophic pileup.

Flying items

Debris can also become airborne. When a vehicle runs over debris, it may launch smaller objects into the air at high speeds. These projectiles can strike other vehicles or even pedestrians, causing injuries or costly damage to a car.

Tiny objects can cause crashes in just a few seconds, which may lead to serious injuries like spinal cord trauma. By raising awareness about the dangers of road debris, people can work towards safer roadways for everyone.

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