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The importance of seeking medical attention after a dog bite

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Dog bites are more than just painful experiences; they can also pose serious health risks. Every year, countless individuals sustain injuries from dog bites, but not everyone seeks the necessary medical attention. They often underestimate the potential hazards associated with such injuries.

Here are some of the reasons it is necessary to see a doctor after a dog bite, even if the bite seems minor or insignificant.

Infection risk escalates with dog bites

One of the primary reasons to visit a doctor after a dog bite is the risk of infection. Dogs’ mouths harbor various bacteria, which can enter the human body through the wound. If left untreated, these bacteria can lead to serious infections, such as cellulitis or even sepsis.

A doctor can properly clean and dress the wound

Professional medical care ensures that the wound receives a thorough cleaning, reducing the risk of infection. Doctors have the necessary expertise and equipment to dress the wound properly.

Risk of rabies transmission

Rabies is a deadly disease that dogs can transmit through bites. It is fatal once symptoms appear. Thus, seeking immediate medical attention is crucial to receive the rabies vaccine if needed.

Assessing the extent of the injury

Not all injuries are immediately apparent. Some damages, such as nerve or tissue damage, may require a professional medical assessment. A doctor can evaluate the severity of the bite, how deep it goes and recommend appropriate treatment.

Documentation for future reference

Medical records document the injury, its severity and the treatment provided. This documentation can be helpful for various purposes in the future, including insurance claims or discussions with local health authorities.

Any dog bite, no matter how minor it may appear, warrants a visit to the doctor. Remember, when it comes to health, it is always better to err on the side of caution.

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