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Avoid these 3 common personal injury claim errors

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2022 | Car Accidents |

The steps you do and do not take following a Tennessee car wreck often have a substantial impact on any personal injury claim you make in the aftermath. There are certain steps you might take that may strengthen your claim, such as making sure authorities come to the scene and being sure to save your medical records. However, taking other steps has the potential to make it harder for you to walk away with compensation.

Per the National Law Review, making any of the following three missteps could jeopardize your personal injury claim and make it harder for you to succeed in court.

1. Admitting fault

The moments following a car crash are often hectic, and you may not be sure if you caused or contributed to the wreck in some way. Even if you think you might have, be sure not to admit this. Admitting fault prematurely has the capacity to come back to bite you later.

2. Waiting too long to file a claim

In Tennessee, you have to file a personal injury claim within one year of the date you experienced your injury. Otherwise, you give up your right to file a claim against the party you believe was responsible.

3. Underestimating your injuries

Sometimes, certain injuries sustained in a car wreck do not become obvious until days or even weeks later. For example, whiplash injuries do not always become clear until sometime after the initial crash occurs. Underestimating your injuries may make it appear as if you may be able to recover without much medical help, which may cause your insurance company to question the claim in the first place.

It also benefits you to gather as much information and as many photos as possible before leaving the crash scene.

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