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Who is liable in a delivery truck accident?

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2022 | Car Accidents, Injuries, Personal Injury |

With the ever-growing popularity of online shipping, delivery trucks are not uncommon to see on the road. Delivery truck accidents comprise a significant portion of the wrecks that occur each year.

Accidents involving trucks have a greater potential for severity because of the vehicles’ larger size. Those who sustain serious injuries in such incidents may pursue recompense, but it may be difficult to determine who to seek it from.

The delivery company may be liable

In cases where the driver is not an employee of a delivery company, he or she might be liable. However, in delivery truck accidents, it is often the delivery company that ends up bearing legal responsibility. This especially holds true in cases where there is evidence that the company forced unreasonable deadlines on the driver, did not properly train the driver or maintain the vehicles or did not perform a proper background check on the driver during the hiring process, resulting in the employment of an individual with a bad driving history.

The company employing the delivery company may be liable

Larger companies like Amazon hire smaller contractors to deliver their goods. They may bear liability in a delivery truck accident because they direct the drivers through algorithms and monitoring. They also increase the risk of accidents by pushing unrealistic expectations on delivery companies to fulfill fast shipping promises.

The truck manufacturer may be liable

The company that manufactured the trucks may also bear responsibility for an accident if a defect contributed to the incident. Manufacturers have a responsibility to check for flaws in their products that may lead to harm.

One party does not necessarily bear all liability. The delivery company, manufacturer and delivery company’s employer may all share liability.

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