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How long do employees have to file workers’ comp claims?

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Tennessee employees who hurt themselves on the clock may not know whether they qualify for workers’ compensation. They must know how long they have to file a claim while waiting to see whether their condition improves.

Chron explores factors that determine how long employees have to file a compensation claim. Knowing when to take action could make or break a claim.

First report

State law determines how long workers have to let their employer know about harm sustained on the clock. Once a company learns of an on-the-job injury, it must complete an accident report and send it to its insurance carrier. Cases do not close until insurance companies either deny or settle the claim.

Exposure cases and repetitive injuries

Employees who work in offices may not notice workplace harm the moment it occurs. Repetitive stress injuries develop over time and may affect work performance. When employees notice repetitive injuries that keep them from performing their job duties, they should inform their supervisor.

Exposes cases work much like repetitive stress injuries. For instance, exposure to toxic chemicals may not cause immediate harm or illness. Like repetitive injuries, employees should let their company know about potential chemical exposure illnesses as soon as they notice their symptoms.

Failure to notify and delayed notification

One reason to report work injuries and illnesses ASAP is that claim acceptance may hinge on the notification date. An insurance company may deny a claim because the person failed to report the injury or waited too long. Injured employees risk not receiving fair compensation for their medical bills.

Employees deserve to know how to protect their right to compensation for workplace injuries. Like most insurance and legal matters, timing is everything.

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