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3 strategies auto insurers use to make lowball offers

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2021 | Car Accidents |

A Tennessee car crash has the potential to prove life-changing, and particularly if the parties involved suffer serious or even life-threatening injuries. However, auto insurance companies are often looking out for their bottom lines, and they may make lowball offers that cover only some of the expenses crash victims face following a wreck.

Per the National Law Review, it is common for auto insurance companies to try to pay as little as possible following a car crash. There are a number of strategies and methods they may use to make lowball offers, and they may also pressure victims to accept their offers quickly. Some of the tactics they may employ when doing so are as follows.

Downplaying injuries

It is common for auto insurers to downplay crash injuries or argue that victims lack entitlement to large claims because their injuries were not that severe. They may try to do so by arguing that victims underwent unnecessary or unrelated medical procedures. They may also argue that victims are overstating or exaggerating the pain they feel after car wrecks.

Bringing up past injuries

An auto insurer may also argue that the pain a crash victim feels is due to a previous accident or incident, rather than the car crash in question.

Questioning liability

An auto insurance company may try to make a lowball offer following a crash by arguing that the insured party was to blame for the wreck, or that the party who was responsible for it was not negligent.

Car crash victims may feel pressure from their insurers to accept any offers made quickly. However, it is not always in their interests to do so.

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