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Which jobs have the highest risk of hearing loss?

On Behalf of | May 24, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

You might not notice it right away, but over time, certain jobs in Tennessee can cause hearing loss. Many people don’t realize that they can file for workers’ compensation if their job causes hearing injuries. You don’t have to work in construction to suffer from hearing loss–even indoor jobs can compromise your hearing.

What are some jobs that cause hearing loss?

Surprisingly, working in a dentist’s office can cause hearing loss. When you’re exposed to drills and other loud tools on a regular basis, you might suffer from permanent hearing loss. Dentists and hygienists are particularly at risk because they’re right next to the tools in question. You might qualify for workers’ compensation if your workplace doesn’t make an effort to prevent hearing loss.

If you work in a stadium or event venue, you might also suffer from hearing loss. People who work in event venues frequently expose themselves to loud music, screaming fans, roaring vehicles and other sounds that can compromise their hearing. Unfortunately, you might not be able to wear earplugs if you’re working at the venue. Stadiums are particularly dangerous because the roofs trap the sound inside the building.

Even teachers might put themselves at risk for hearing loss. If you work in an elementary school, you’re exposed to hundreds of loud children on a daily basis. Being inside all day makes the situation worse because the sound can’t escape the building. Other staff members like coaches and cafeteria workers might also suffer from hearing loss over time.

Finally, it’s nearly impossible for farmers to avoid hearing loss at some point in their lives. Farmers constantly expose themselves to loud farm equipment like tractors and power tools. You might be able to reduce your risk if you wear earplugs and safety gear when you use noisy farm equipment.

Do you qualify for workers’ compensation?

You might qualify for workers’ compensation if you suffer from hearing loss or a sudden hearing injury. Talk to an attorney to see if you can bring legal action against your workplace. In particular, you might qualify if your workplace made no effort to give you safety equipment.