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What serves as a distraction for drivers?

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2021 | Car Accidents |

When drivers hit the road, it is crucial to have their full wits about them. Without paying close attention to one’s surroundings, it is far too easy to end up distracted. Distractions contribute to many of the crashes drivers face, and many of the deadliest ones on top of that.

But what are potential sources of distraction that you should watch out for?

Distractions within the car

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention discuss potential distractions for drivers. Some distractions come from inside the car. A popular example is texting while driving. Being distracted by mobile devices and electronics in general can create a lot of issues. This includes using navigational apps or even just browsing through music while you cruise.

Your passengers can also prove a distraction. If you are holding a conversation with them, your attention is not entirely on the road. The level of distraction may change depending on who is in the car and what sort of discussion you are engaging in.

Even operating parts of your dashboard may distract you, such as fiddling with temperature. And of course, there are the distractions of eating or drinking non-alcoholic beverages while driving. Some states have taken steps toward making these actions a punishable offense.

Distractions outside of the car

There are distractions outside of the car, too. This can include rubbernecking other accidents or getting distracted by flashy displaces from other vehicles. You can also end up distracted by weather-related issues, such as big storms that make visibility difficult. In the end, a distraction is manual, visual or cognitive, which covers a wide array of potential actions and situations.

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