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What to watch out for while driving to work

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2021 | Car Accidents |

There are many dangers that you might encounter while driving to your Tennessee job. In some cases, the biggest danger that you might face is the boredom that comes from traveling the same route each day. However, other dangers may include the stress that comes with a long commute, driving at high rates of speed or sharing the road with distracted motorists.

How stress can be the main cause of a car accident

Those who are stressed may drive more aggressively than they would under normal conditions. For instance, a driver who is in a hurry to get to work might travel faster than the posted speed limit, make unsafe lane changes or make other decisions that could result in car accidents occurring. Individuals may feel higher levels of stress during the morning commute because they are tired. Furthermore, a long commute may result in back, leg or other types of pain that can make a person irritable.

It’s tempting to multitask while driving

It isn’t uncommon to see a driver attempt to eat a bagel, drink coffee or put on makeup on the way to work. Drivers may also be seen changing the radio station, taking a phone call or taking other actions that may take their focus off of the road. In most cases, drivers take these actions because they don’t give themselves enough time to get to work without feeling rushed. Drivers may use their smartphones on the way home from work in an effort to be more productive while not at the office.

If you are hurt in a car accident caused by a distracted, tired or impatient driver, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost future earnings and other damages. You may also be entitled to compensation to replace any property that might have been damaged in a crash. An attorney might use cell phone records, witness statements or other evidence in an effort to help you obtain a favorable settlement or jury award.