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Post-traumatic stress disorder after a car accident

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2020 | Car Accidents |

For people in Tennessee who are involved in serious car accidents, post-traumatic stress disorder is an invisible injury that some people suffer. People who have been seriously injured in car accidents should understand the signs of PTSD and get help if they are experiencing any symptoms.

Many people think of soldiers returning from war when they think about PTSD. However, this psychological injury can affect anyone who experiences a traumatic event, including an automobile accident. People who suffer from PTSD may relive the accident in their minds repeatedly and feel anxiety about riding in or driving cars. They may also experience frequent nightmares and intrusive thoughts about the accident and feel anger and irritability.

People who are experiencing the symptoms of PTSD after a traffic accident should talk to their doctors about what is happening. The doctors may provide referrals to mental health specialists. People should remain active and get plenty of exercise and try to get back to their normal routines. They should make sure to follow any recommendations that they receive from their doctors and attend all of their appointments.

Traffic accidents can be traumatic experiences for many people. They may be even more traumatic when people are seriously injured or killed. People who have been seriously injured in car accidents and who believe that they may have developed PTSD should seek medical help. WIth proper treatment, they may be able to recover from their physical and psychological injuries. An experienced personal injury lawyer might help people whose injuries were caused by the negligent actions of others to recover compensation for all of their injuries and losses, including compensation for psychological injuries. Filing a personal injury claim may allow people to hold the negligent parties who caused their injuries responsible to pay damages for their economic and noneconomic losses.