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Preventing workplace dangers for welders

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

While most people in Tennessee do not think that they will be injured at work, many people suffer serious injuries in workplace accidents. Welders are especially at risk of suffering catastrophic injuries because of the type of work that they perform. Understanding the dangers that welders face might help them to protect themselves from injuries.

The National Fire Protection Association regulates welding work under standard 51B. Under this standard, welding must be performed in designated areas that do not contain combustible materials. This is meant to prevent explosions and fires from occurring. If there is not a designated area, the employer must perform a hazard assessment and remove combustible materials at least 35 feet away from the area in which the welding will be performed.

Welders are especially at risk for suffering serious burns. To protect themselves, they should always wear personal protective equipment. The equipment should be regularly inspected to ensure that it does not have holes. Employers should supervise contractors to make certain that they are using the proper equipment. Another common injury that welders might suffer is radiation injuries to their eyes. They should be provided with helmets that have the proper shade levels. They should also have side shields to protect their faces and eyes from flying debris.

Those who work in welding may also be electrocuted by welding equipment. The equipment should be inspected and maintained to prevent the leads from becoming damaged. Welders should never attempt to replace electrodes with their bare hands because they could suffer electric shocks. Individuals who are injured while they are working might want to talk to experienced workers’ compensation attorneys. The lawyers may help their clients to secure all of the types of benefits to which they should be entitled. Injured welders might be able to recover benefits to pay for their medical care and total or partial disability if they are left unable to return to work.

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