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You can avoid these common motorcycle accidents

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Riding a motorcycle brings a sense of freedom and excitement. When you climb on your bike, you are not cut off from your surroundings like you are when you drive your car. Part of the reason many people experience exhilaration is due to the level of danger that also comes along with riding a motorcycle.

Now that summer is getting into full swing in Tennessee, you are probably starting to spend more time on your bike. Moreover, you may be feeling like every other vehicle on the road is out to get you. While this may make you think you are overly paranoid, in truth, your assessment is not far off. A bit of paranoia can go a long way to help you avoid a motorcycle accident. In addition, understanding these common types of motorcycle collisions can help you avoid becoming a victim the next time you are on the road.

The left turn

Approximately 40% of accidents that involve a motorcycle and a car or truck happen because a left turn was involved. In general, these collisions happen in intersections usually when the motorcycle has the right of way. For example, how many times have you had a close call in Jackson when you have been riding straight through an intersection, but a larger vehicle suddenly turns left in front of you, ignoring your right of way? The best way to avoid this kind of accident is to slow down when you approach an intersection and always assume that the drivers of cars or trucks do not see you.

Rear end collisions

Rear end collisions, like those that involve a left turn, typically happen because someone is not paying attention. Since the size of the average motorcycle is only about one-fifth of that of a car when viewed from the back, you generally need eyes in the back of your head to see a vehicle that doesn’t see you. Whether you are riding in traffic or stopped, you should always check your mirrors and leave yourself enough space between your bike and the vehicle in front of you.

Road hazards

Have you ever had to dodge debris in the road, a huge pothole or some other dangerous hazard on the road? If the answer is yes, you are not alone. Between accidentally dropped loads from trucks, bad weather, road construction and the odd squirrel whose luck ran out, there are endless dangers you might encounter on the road that may cause you to take evasive action. One of the best ways to avoid an accident due to road hazards is to always stay alert and always assume that there is something dangerous lurking around the next bend in the road.

While the above tips can help you stay safe the next time, sometimes it is not possible to avoid a collision, especially if reckless or negligent drivers are involved. If you are the victim of a motorcycle accident, you might be able to file a claim for your injuries and other damages.

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