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Proving that your hearing loss occurred at work

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If you were hurt at work, the physical impact the injury had can help to prove the injuries that you suffered. For example, if you got your hand stuck in machinery, the harm to your hand can be quite easily attributed to the incident. However, in many cases, showing a causal link between degenerative issues such as the ability to hear can be more challenging.

If you have been involved in a work accident that you believe led to hearing loss, you may have a more challenging claim in regard to gaining workers’ compensation than if you injured your hand, for example. You will likely need to undergo testing to pinpoint the extent and the type of hearing loss, and you will need to show that the hearing loss was, in fact, caused by the work incident.

What are the different types of hearing loss?

Hearing loss can be attributed to different parts of the ear. Conductive hearing loss involves the outer or middle ear. Sensorineural hearing loss is due to a problem with the inner ear. Some people suffer hearing loss due to a mixture of conductive and sensorineural issues.

What can cause hearing loss?

Hearing loss can be a fairly normal part of getting older. Aging-related hearing loss can be worsened by chronic exposure to loud noises. For example, if you have been working in a factory or a construction site and you have not been provided with adequate ear protection, your hearing may have suffered as a result.

How can I prove that my hearing loss was caused at work?

Your audiologist will be able to give guidance on the likely causes of your hearing issues, and their statements can hold weight in a workers’ compensation claim. You will likely be able to show that your hearing loss was caused by unsafe working conditions or as a result of a physical injury to your ear.

If you are struggling to successfully make a workers’ compensation claim, it is important to take action to fully understand the related laws in Tennessee.

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