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Workers’ compensation claims denied based on false information

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2018 | Workers' Compensation |

Those who work in factory or industrial settings face many hazards due to the nature of the work and the machinery involved. There have been countless Tennessee employees who have suffered a work-related injury and turned to the workers’ compensation program for assistance with medical expenses and help with lost pay. However, an inaccurate diagnosis or false information from a provider can result in qualifying claims being denied.

According to a recent in-depth report, officials with the electric car manufacturer, Tesla — and its on-site clinic staff — purportedly have policies in place to reduce reports of injured workers. Unfortunately, the report asserts that these numbers are low due to clinic policies that discount even severe injuries. Several former employees and clinic staff have reported that medical care is often denied or downplayed in order to keep an injury off the official records that are submitted to state and federal agencies.

One former physician’s assistant claims that injured workers are provided with only first aid treatments and are ordered to return to full duty the following day. Purportedly, factory supervisors and clinic workers are forbidden to summon an ambulance without permission from superiors — which is reportedly seldom given. Instead, employees who may need advanced medical care are often transported by Lyft drivers or other employees. This measure works to reduce the paperwork and the apparent severity of the nature of the injury.

A serious problem that arises from downplaying injuries is that the injured employee may be denied coverage from the workers’ compensation insurance program. Tesla’s medical clinic supposedly often determines that hurt workers do not require any time off or restrictions. In turn, former employees stated their claims were denied in spite of their inability to work. Tennessee workers who find themselves with a serious work-related injury are entitled to seek the assistance of an experienced attorney in order to ensure that their claim is filed accurately.