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Reducing risks to motorcyclists is everyone’s task

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Motorcyclists are at an increased risk of injury when riding down the road in Tennessee. Accidents involving motorcycles often result in some of the worst and most catastrophic injuries due to the heightened levels of exposure and danger to these travelers.

To reduce the prevalence of these accidents, every person on the road – no matter what vehicle they drive – can take steps to remain aware of their surroundings and help increase safety. Injuries from a motorcycle collision often having life-changing and devastating effects, so taking simple steps to increase safety can make a major difference down the line.

Safety reminders for motorcyclists

It’s important that the people using these vehicles are diligent in maintaining safety knowledge and vehicle maintenance. A basic level of rider information is a good starting point, but riders need to continue to build on their knowledge base and experiences throughout their time riding these vehicles.

Consider the various rider safety and education courses available in Tennessee to bolster your working knowledge of motorcycle safety. Basic courses help those starting out, but advanced riders can also use various courses to add to their wealth of knowledge about riding skills and safety.

Reminders for others on the road

In reality, motorcyclists can have as much knowledge, experience and awareness as possible and still face dangers on the road. This is largely due to the fact that other cars and vehicles are often the greatest risks to motorcyclists and their passengers. Momentary driver mistakes can have grave consequences for riders.

As you drive in Tennessee, consider some important safety reminders that are simple solutions to the problem of motorcycle collisions.

  • Follow far enough behind these vehicles to provide adequate time to stop your vehicle. About four seconds of space is the minimum a driver should leave at all times.
  • Use a turn signal and let it run for a few seconds before moving amongst lanes of traffic. This includes changing lanes and turning across lanes of traffic which are frequent causes of collisions with motorcycles.
  • Give a motorcycle the full width of the traffic lane. Allow for the same amount of space you would leave for another car.
  • Always check blind spots and surroundings multiple times before making moves in traffic. One look is often not sufficient to see smaller vehicles.

Motorcycle accidents in Tennessee happen far too often and result in life-altering injuries. Every person using every kind of vehicle can help reduce the risk of danger for those on motorcycles by maintaining education and awareness. Taking small steps to improve safety can have a major impact.

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