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Seriously injured man likely filed for workers’ compensation

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2018 | Workers' Compensation |

While it is not as common today, there are workers who are content to spend their working lives with one company in the hopes of enjoying retirement benefits when they reach the required age. Unfortunately, longevity at a company does not guarantee that one will never become a victim of a serious workplace accident. Whenever a Tennessee resident is hurt on the job, he or she is assured of the right to file for workers’ compensation benefits.

Recently, a long-time employee for the Campbell’s Soup plant was tragically killed in a workplace accident. According to the report, a worker was in the process of moving a large, metal trash receptacle with a forklift. At some point, the operator exited the machine and the dumpster somehow slipped off of the tines. The worker was crushed underneath of the object. Another worker, described as a subcontractor, attempted to provide assistance and was also injured in the process.

When emergency crews arrived, they found the second man pinned with serious injuries. He was freed and transported for treatment. He is purportedly expected to fully recover in time. Company officials and representatives from the local Labor Department described the deceased worker as a dedicated employee of approximately 35 years. The local OSHA office is investigating all aspects of company operations to determine the exact cause of this fatal accident.

This is reportedly the first fatality at the facility that has been in operation as a production plant since 1982. The injured worker will likely require an extended recovery time and may struggle to make ends meet while he is disabled. Workers are entitled to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits while they are unable to return to work. Tennessee residents may consult with an experienced attorney during the claims process if they encounter any difficulties obtaining the benefits for which they qualify.