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Spring crashes: What to watch out for in Tennessee

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Tennessee is a beautiful state with many interesting places to visit, but that means that when spring arrives, more people do, too. People from out of the area may not be familiar with the roadways and can end up putting residents in danger.

Spring is a time when crashes occur for many reasons, not just because of tourism. Here are a few reasons why you may see more crashes in the coming months.

1. Poor roadways

As ice and snow melt, the damage they’ve done becomes apparent. Among Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee, drivers are likely to see potholes as the melt occurs. Potholes aren’t necessarily dangerous for everyone, but for motorcyclists and smaller vehicles, they can quickly damage rims and cause crashes.

2. Tourism

When people head south to avoid colder weather up north, Tennessee is often a place they go. The problem with this is that many people don’t know Tennessee’s traffic laws, which may vary from their own states’ laws. As they take to the highways or travel in residential areas, tourists are more likely to make errors that put others at risk. People native to the area may be aware of small nuances that make certain areas dangerous and be able to avoid those hazards.

3. Sunny side up

Longer days and shorter nights are here, but with them comes the risk of long, sunny days with glare. While winter months tend to have gloomier skies, spring creates the perfect opportunity for the sun to shine. It makes the days warmer, but it also means drivers could be blinded by glare from the sun. Drivers also need to be careful to avoid dehydration, which could happen if they’re not drinking enough water in the heat.

4. Pedestrian risks

Finally, there’s the risk of pedestrians on and near the roadways. Warm weather means people can get out more, but that means that they’re more likely to be on or around the roads. Drivers must be aware of the potential for pedestrians to enter the roadway and adjust their driving habits for that risk. If they don’t, they could find themselves traveling too fast to stop for a pedestrian or unprepared to stop when a child, pet or parent rushes into the roadway.

These are a few reasons why the spring is dangerous and likely to cause crashes. Stay alert, and you should be able to avoid most of these hazards.

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