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Food poisoning as a personal injury claim

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After indulging in a restaurant meal with your family and splurging on cash, you wake up the next day to find that the entire family has become sick. You are all suffering from the same symptoms: diarrhea, vomiting and extreme pain. You need to skip work and lose wages as a result. You may even need to pay for medical treatment.

If you have ever been in a situation like this or one similar, you will understand how frustrating and anger-inducing it is. You know that the restaurant that you attended together must be to blame, but you do not know how to go about taking action. The following is a brief guide on how to take action in Tennessee when you have suffered from food poisoning at a restaurant.

Filing a formal complaint against a restaurant in Tennessee

You can take action by filing a complaint with the Tennessee Department of Health by calling the Restaurant Complaint / Food-borne Illness Hotline: 800-293-8228. When calling this line, you will be able to provide specific information about the nature of the illness you suffered, and the restaurant that you believe caused the illness. You can also ask to be contacted after the inspection took place so that you know the outcome.

The injuries that I suffered as a result of food poisoning were severe. Can I take legal action?

It is possible to take legal action against food poising as a personal injury claim. These cases can be challenging mainly because it can be difficult to prove that the accused establishment was guilty of serving contaminated food, and therefore to blame. You must have adequate proof and be able to show that the premises acted negligently, consequently causing your illness and prolonged suffering.

The Tennessee Department of Health might be able to help you with this claim after they have conducted an inspection of the restaurant. It is important that you retain all medical records of the incident if you sought medical care. This will help you to build a compelling personal injury case after your severe food poisoning in Tennessee.

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