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Can you recover from a spinal injury?

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2017 | Personal Injury |

There are several kinds of spinal cord injuries that happen, but they are all categorized as either incomplete or complete injuries. With an incomplete injury, there may still be pain or sensation below the point of injury. With a complete injury, there is no movement or nerve reaction below the point of injury.

The areas of the body affected by the spinal injury depends on which part of the spinal cord was injured. For example, if you impact the spine at the midsection and sever the nerves, it’s possible the individual will have no feeling below the waist. If the neck suffers a damaging blow, then the individual may only have the ability to move or feel from the neck or shoulders up. Each case is different.

Although rehabilitation is not impossible, it is hard for those with complete spinal injuries. The rehabilitation process is intense, and it can take many years to recover even a slight amount of movement or sensation. Initially following an injury, doctors will aim to reduce inflammation to give those with spinal cord injuries a better chance at recovery, although the damage that has already been done may not be reversible.

There is some hope for those struggling with spinal cord injuries. Many scientific advances are taking place that make it more likely that you could recover from a spinal injury in the future, even if the prognosis isn’t good now. Since that’s the case, it’s a good idea to fight for enough compensation to participate in new trials and to obtain the newest medical equipment for your condition.

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