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Teens accused of killing 2 in speed-related crash

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2017 | Truck Accidents |

Young drivers often take risks without understanding the full consequences that their actions could bring. For example, many young drivers speed or drive while they’re distracted by their cellphones or other activities. That’s unfortunate, because these drivers may have to learn the error of their ways by causing a serious crash. By then, it’s too late and the courts have to get involved. On top of that, the teens and others may suffer serious injuries as a result of their behaviors.

The family and friends of a couple killed in a crash have come together to mourn their passing. An Oct. 6 report states that the couple, 74 and 75, were killed in a crash at Poplar and Bray Station. They were only around a mile from home.

Witnesses reported that the crash, which happened at around 4:10 p.m., may have been caused by another vehicle speeding. The people in the speeding vehicle may have run a stop light before colliding with the couple’s vehicle.

While the crash is still under investigation, a few things are known. The two 18-year-old males in the vehicle that allegedly caused the collision were in a black truck, while the couple was in a sedan. The 18-year-old boys are in critical condition at the Regional Medical Center. The police have not yet filed charges.

Cases like this are completely preventable. If drivers slow down, pay attention and take time to watch the roads, they can prevent serious crashes. If your loved one has been hurt in this way, you may wish to pursue compensation.

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