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Why is long-term pain bad for patients?

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2017 | Personal Injury |

Untreated chronic pain is a serious concern for patients and medical providers alike. Those who are left in pain may live a life of struggles as they attempt to get through the day with little energy or tolerance.

Pain is uncomfortable. Even a very minor pain wears down the body over time. For instance, if you break a finger, it’s not going to kill you. However, it may stop you from doing some of the actions you’re used to for a little while. It might take a few seconds longer to do certain tasks, and all of that extra expended energy takes its toll over the course of a day.

Now, imagine that pain intensified. Maybe a broken bone resulted in nerve damage, for instance, and there is a constant, nagging pain. People in that situation may find themselves living with pain that is not only intolerable but also exhausting. This pain, called chronic pain, recurs and may not respond to certain treatments. Over time, the pain, even if only mildly annoying, wears out the body and mind.

Individuals struggling with chronic pain may stop doing the things they love to save energy. They may alter what they do to attempt to relieve their pain or to avoid letting others see them in pain. Individuals in this situation may struggle with depression, anxiety or other mental health disorders as a result of their daily struggles.

If you have chronic pain, you’re not alone. If it’s the result of a car accident or other personal injury, it’s within your rights to seek compensation for the pain you’re dealing with.

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