These 3 injuries are common after a motor vehicle collision

You were involved in an accident you thought wasn't very serious. You neglected to go to the hospital, and you decided that you weren't hurt. Perhaps not surprisingly, you woke up the next day in extreme pain and feeling unlike yourself.

When you're in a car crash, it's important to seek out medical help even if you feel okay. There are a few injuries that may not appear right away, but a medical checkup can help identify those injuries sooner. Here are three injuries you may not notice right away that could pop up later.

1. Bruising

You might have been sore at the scene, but if you wake up the next day with a long black bruise across your body, don't be surprised. When you get into a crash, the impact of the seat belt against your body can cause extreme bruising. Watch out for bruising that spreads or has a dark red color, because it could signify internal bleeding.

2. Whiplash

The headache you thought was a result of stress might have been, but not being able to turn your head is a sign of whiplash, too. When your head was thrown forward by the impact of the crash, you strained the muscles and tendons in your neck. The dizziness and pain you feel now can go away with time, but you may need rehabilitation to help it along its way.

3. Concussions

Much like whiplash, you might not have thought much of the headache you had after a crash. You knew you bumped your head but didn't think it was bad enough to signify anything dangerous. Today, you can't think straight, have a headache, are dizzy and feel sick to your stomach. That may not be stress, and it's symptomatic of a concussion.

If you have any injuries that occur later, you should seek medical attention. Even though you didn't go at the scene, these can still be linked to the accident, so you can make a claim for your costs.

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