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Three traumatic results of a serious truck collison

On Behalf of | May 16, 2017 | Truck Accidents |

One of the most horrific kinds of accidents you can experience is a truck accident. Trucks weigh thousands of pounds more than passenger vehicles, and they have the potential to crush the vehicles under their weight. In a crash, people in the smaller vehicle nearly always suffer more severe injuries than the person driving the truck solely due to the size and weight discrepancy.

After getting into a crash with a truck, you may have several serious injuries. Here are three common traumatic injuries people deal with after a serious truck accident.

1. Burns

One of the unique injuries you could face as a result of a traumatic truck accident are burns. Many commercial trucks carry flammable materials that have the potential to catch on fire if the trailer is punctured during the crash. For example, if a truck is transporting gasoline, that gasoline could quickly cover your vehicle as it pours out of the truck. If there is a spark, the fumes could catch on fire and result in victims suffering from severe burns.

2. Crushing injuries

Another kind of injury you could face is from crushing. If a large truck rolls over a passenger vehicle, the vehicle’s frame may not be strong enough to prevent the roof from collapsing down onto the people inside. Even if the structure does prevent the vehicle from collapsing in on itself all the way, people inside could suffer from crushed bones, traumatic brain injuries or other severe wounds from being pinched and crushed under the truck’s weight.

3. Impaling injuries

Another thing that could occur with a truck accident is the potential for being impaled. Some trucks carry long metal pipes and other materials that could go through a windshield and impale the people inside the vehicle. There have been stories about people surviving injuries where pipes go through their necks or stomachs, but the reality is that these injuries are often fatal and particularly difficult to treat.

Of course, other injuries, like lacerations, bruising, broken bones and head and neck injuries are all possible in these accidents. If you’ve suffered because a driver wasn’t paying attention and collided with your vehicle, you have a right to pursue a claim. Your attorney can help you get the money you need to recover without having to worry about how to support your family.

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