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Teens accused of killing 2 in speed-related crash

Young drivers often take risks without understanding the full consequences that their actions could bring. For example, many young drivers speed or drive while they're distracted by their cellphones or other activities. That's unfortunate, because these drivers may have to learn the error of their ways by causing a serious crash. By then, it's too late and the courts have to get involved. On top of that, the teens and others may suffer serious injuries as a result of their behaviors.

The family and friends of a couple killed in a crash have come together to mourn their passing. An Oct. 6 report states that the couple, 74 and 75, were killed in a crash at Poplar and Bray Station. They were only around a mile from home.

4 major causes of truck accidents in the Jackson area

Collisions with large trucks are relatively rare when compared with the frequency of crashes that involve only smaller passenger vehicles. Still, driving on Interstate 40 in the Jackson area can be dangerous when 18-wheelers are on the road.

After all, a fully loaded 18-wheeler can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, while a passenger car weighs only around 3,000 pounds. This is why semitruck crashes are so devastating -- and why truck drivers and trucking companies are held to a higher standard of safety than drivers of smaller vehicles.

Suffered in a car crash? You could have one of these conditions

Many kinds of car accident injuries impact people every day, from the child who no longer sees because of an injury to the eyes to the mother who can't drive because of paralysis from a serious impact. Car accidents change lives in an instant.

Some of the most common car accident-related injuries include neck, chest, back and head injuries. For example, one of the injuries you're likely to see in a head-on collision is whiplash. This is when the head whips forward and back quickly. It has the potential to cause brain damage, damage to the neck's ligaments and other serious problems.

Why is long-term pain bad for patients?

Untreated chronic pain is a serious concern for patients and medical providers alike. Those who are left in pain may live a life of struggles as they attempt to get through the day with little energy or tolerance.

Pain is uncomfortable. Even a very minor pain wears down the body over time. For instance, if you break a finger, it's not going to kill you. However, it may stop you from doing some of the actions you're used to for a little while. It might take a few seconds longer to do certain tasks, and all of that extra expended energy takes its toll over the course of a day.

These tips can help you have a safe day on your bicycle

As a cyclist, you have the same rights as other road users. There is no reason for a person behind the wheel of a vehicle to pass too closely to you or to act as if you have no place on the road. Dangerous behaviors like those could put your life at risk.

You know that the way you respond to dangers like those and the way you follow the law can directly impact whether or not you make it home safely. What can you do to stay safer on the roads in Tennessee? Here are a few tips.

Boating accidents take the lives of 4 in Tennessee

Boating accidents aren't talked about a lot, but they have the potential to be life-threatening and deadly. During the summer months, many people head out onto the water, and that creates a situation where people could get hurt.

Some people drink and drive their boats, while others may violate other rules or regulations on the water. For instance, someone could lie on the front of a pontoon beyond the safety gate, which could result in him or her being run over if he or she falls off the boat.

Thinking of returning to work? Consider your health first

After a workplace injury, you may want to return to work as quickly as possible to avoid missing out on too much of your paycheck. While it's important to have an income, your safety is the first and foremost concern. Before you can return to work, you should consult with your authorized treating physician, insurance claims adjuster, attorney and employer to make sure you're right in going back now.

When you return to work, you'll need to be in contact with your physician and employer very closely. Let your employer know if something you're doing is too hard or impossible due to your injury. Your physician can also give your employer information on what you can or cannot do. For instance, if you've been limited to lifting 35 pounds or less, your physician should notify your employer of that restriction when you return to work.

What should you do after a crash in Jackson?

After you're involved in a car accident, you'll probably be thinking about 100 different things. You'll be worrying about yourself, your vehicle and running the crash through your mind over and over again. You'll be focused on calling for help and assisting those who need it.

After a crash, many people experience at least some level of shock. The body is full of adrenaline, which puts you into fight or flight mode. As a result, you may not be thinking clearly or taking steps to do what you should to prepare to make a claim later.

Whiplash: A lasting neck injury with consequences

When you're involved in an accident, any part of your body can be injured. One of the most common injuries, especially in a rear-end collision, is whiplash. Whiplash occurs when your head is thrown forward quickly and then whips back into its original position, thus the name, "whiplash."

When the head is whipped in any direction, it puts pressure on the spine. It can result in muscle and ligament damage, and you could even end up with a disc problem in your neck in severe cases.

You can file a claim after you're scarred or disfigured

Scarring and disfigurement aren't just physical injuries. They take a mental toll as well. Imagine knowing that you'll never look like you did before an accident. Maybe you're suffering from burns that cause you constant pain or have scarring that changes the color of large patches of your skin. Whatever the disfigurement is, it is painful physically and mentally.

Can you sue if you've been hurt and scarred or disfigured? Yes. The difficulty comes when asking if you can sue for scars that are a result of medical care provided after a crash. In New Jersey, for example, the courts determined that you could sue for noneconomic damages if the scarring or disfigurement was so severe that the individual would be considered imperfect, misshapen or unsightly.

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