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What Recourse Do I Have If The Other Driver In A Wreck Is Uninsured?

Adequate uninsured or underinsured coverage is a great defense against an accident with an uninsured driver. Having a policy with low limits may seem like a money-saving decision at the time, but if you have to make a claim, you may wish you had agreed to the moderately increased coverage limits. It is recommended by both insurance professionals and many attorneys that policyholders should have at least $500,000 in uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage.

At Boren & Boyd, PLC, in Jackson, we understand that you might have concerns about being responsible for paying the deductible on your car insurance policy. We will strive to relieve you of that burden by providing evidence that you were not at fault in the case of an accident.

Make Your Insurer Aware As Soon As Possible

It is critical to notify your insurer that you intend to file an uninsured claim if the other driver told you they did not have car insurance or they refused to give you their insurance information at the scene. Time is of the essence because many car insurance policies place strict and often brief deadlines on the notification of uninsured claims.

Underinsured driver claims take longer to process because it may require more time to determine medical and recovery costs. Once we determine that your case might be worth more than the driver’s coverage, you must inform your insurer of your intent to file an underinsured driver claim.

The only difference between a normal insurance claim against the driver who was at fault and an uninsured or underinsured driver claim is that the claim is filed against your own insurance company. As in any accident claim, there will be investigations, reviews of medical records and witness depositions. If, however, a settlement figure cannot be agreed upon, your claim must be submitted to binding arbitration. You cannot file a lawsuit against your insurer. The severity of your injury and the cost of your medical bills are the biggest determining factors in your claim.

Let Our Lawyers Assist You

From the moment you suspect you were hit by an uninsured motorist, you should seek the advice of an attorney from our law firm in Tennessee by scheduling a consultation. You can reach us at 800-727-0622 or 731-300-6207 or contact our law office via our website.