Case Results

Boren & Boyd, PLC, is a personal injury law firm located in Jackson, Tennessee. Our lawyers have a track record of success. Here are a few examples of our case results:

$1.5 million: Jeff Boyd successfully tried a case against a tractor trailer company that resulted in a jury award of $1.5 million dollars. The case involved three brothers who were traveling Interstate 40 on their way home to Texas. When traffic slowed for construction, the driver of the tractor trailer did not and plowed through the back of the client's U-Haul and their pick-up truck, causing extensive injuries to the three men.

$2.3 million: Jeff Boyd successfully tried a case against a large exercise equipment manufacturing company for injuries the client sustained when the bench broke and slammed him into the frame, causing a serious spinal injury. The jury awarded $2.3 million dollars to the client and his family.

$1 million: Jeff Boyd successfully settled a case against a negligent driver for the death of a client who was riding a motorcycle with his wife. The case settled for the limits of the insurance policy, which was $1 million dollars.

$2 million: Jeff Boyd successfully obtained a judgment against a Chinese manufacturer of a kitchen appliance after it caught fire, burned down a client's house and caused him serious injury when he attempted to rescue his animals from the property. The judgment was for $2 million dollars.

Jeff Boyd has represented over 2,000 clients in workers compensation claims related to hearing loss sustained by them as a result of exposure to industrial noise in factory settings. If you or a family member wears hearing protection on the job, then there is sufficient noise to cause hearing loss. If you or a family member has ever failed a hearing screen at work, there is probably work-related hearing loss. Get copies of your hearing screens from work and let us review them to see. Settlements have ranges from $2,000 up to $134,000 with lifetime hearing aids paid for by workers' compensation.

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