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Families may seek relief from damages via wrongful death lawsuits

The loss of a loved one is a tragedy from which families may never fully recover. If that death was sudden, as happens in a traffic accident, the emotional pain may only be exacerbated by the financial burdens these accidents often impose. Under some circumstances, Tennessee families may seek relief from these economic burdens through a wrongful death civil claim.

Fatal crash caused by drunk driver could be wrongful death case

Traveling the highways throughout the nation is often challenging enough based on congestion and roadwork. Add in the possibility that impaired drivers may be traveling along these same roads and the level of danger increases substantially. Sadly, when an impaired driver causes the death of an innocent Tennessee victim, surviving family may have recourse for justice through a wrongful death civil suit.

Tennessee families may file wrongful death suit for tragic losses

Life is full of everyday choices that usually do not result in deadly consequences. Unfortunately, one never knows when a simple decision can end in tragedy. One Tennessee family recently lost a loved one due to the apparent negligence of an intoxicated driver. Apart from the criminal proceedings that typically follow these types of fatal accidents, surviving families of deceased victims may be entitled to seek recovery of monetary losses through a wrongful death lawsuit.

Tennessee families may have case for wrongful death in crashes

Life is full of daily decisions that usually do not result in life or death consequences. Unfortunately, depending upon the situation and surroundings, even a simple decision to cross an intersection could result in a tragic ending. Recently, the death of one Tennessee woman could have surviving family wondering if there is a basis for pursuing a wrongful death.

Families may have basis for wrongful death in highway fatalities

The majority of Tennessee commuters are familiar with the most dangerous sections of their routes on their way to and from work, school or errands. Unfortunately, no matter how attentive a driver may be to known hazards, sometimes unforeseen dangers wind up causing fatal accidents. Sadly, surviving families are left to pick up the pieces after a wrongful death robs them of a loved one.

Some fatal accidents may justify filing wrongful death claims

When traveling the interstates, the most frustrating aspects are usually heavy traffic and aggressive drivers. Unfortunately, while many Tennessee drivers are familiar with the dangers that large, commercial vehicles can pose, there are also the unexpected events that can lead to a fatal crash. In some situations, surviving family members may consider filing a wrongful death lawsuit when negligence may have lead to the loss of their loved one.

Families of heatstroke victims could have case for wrongful death

From the years between 1960 and 2017, there were approximately 145 deaths of football players due to heat-related causes. Recently, a 19-year-old college football player died of heatstroke complications. Sadly, this type of tragedy could impact Tennessee families if schools are not vigilant to ensure student safety, and failure to do so could provide a basis for a wrongful death lawsuit.

Drunk driving accidents may prompt wrongful death civil suits

The decision to drink or take other intoxicating substances does not only affect a driver's future; it may also lead to another family losing a loved one. In the event that a crash can be attributed to drunk driving, the victims' families may have recourse to seek justice through a wrongful death civil lawsuit. Recently, Tennessee officials arrested and charged a man with killing a woman while he was driving impaired

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