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Employers accused of denying pay in workers' compensation fraud

The possibility of suffering a work-related injury can never be underestimated. For those who are employed in the more dangerous occupations, the knowledge that workers' compensation is usually available may help ease employees' worries when engaging in a high-risk task. Unfortunately, even the most experienced Tennessee worker could find him- or herself facing a serious injury under the wrong circumstances.

Workers' compensation often provides much-needed support

Those who work in the construction industries face various potential hazards from both equipment and falls. If those two factors combine during an unforeseen accident, workers can suffer serious or even fatal injuries. Tennessee workers who have been injured on the job often rely on the benefits provided by the workers' compensation insurance program to get them through difficult circumstances.

Fatigue can lead to injuries, workers' compensation claims

A recent poll indicates an estimated 30% of U.S. workers are getting by on less than six hours of sleep. Studies have shown conclusively that workers who are experiencing fatigue are at a higher risk for suffering a workplace injury. Tennessee workers who are injured on the job are typically entitled to file for benefits through the state's workers' compensation insurance program.

For those who are injured, workers' compensation may be critical

No matter the occupation, almost any job comes with a certain risk of serious injury. In many cases, extensive experience is not a reliable protection against the danger of suffering a serious -- or even fatal -- injury on the job. Whenever a Tennessee worker suffers serious injuries, benefits from the workers' compensation program may be a critical safety net.

Workers' compensation may also provide death benefits

No matter what one does for a living, there may always exist the possibility that a tragic accident can occur. While most Tennessee workers are aware of the benefits provided by the workers' compensation insurance program, not everyone may know that the program may also supply death benefits to survivors under certain circumstances. Tragically, a fatal accident can occur without warning, leaving financial hardships in the aftermath.

Study finds some workers' compensation claims due to inexperience

During the warmer weather months, the construction industry is in full swing. Every year, many Tennessee workers are drawn to this field for a variety of reasons. However, a recent study points out that nearly half of claims for workers' compensation benefits for construction injuries are generated by those who are new to the industry.

Understanding the basics of Tennessee's workers' compensation

The goal of every employee is to accomplish their duties in a safe and timely fashion in exchange for the agreed-upon compensation. Unfortunately, in spite of safety precautions, the fact is that an accident could be just around the corner. If an employee does suffer a work injury, it is helpful to understand the basics of Tennessee's workers' compensation program.

Injured man may seek benefits from workers' compensation program

There is no work environment that can be controlled enough to prevent every accident. When one's working environment includes outdoor activities, then the possibility of a Tennessee worker suffering an on-the-job injury escalates due to the unpredictability of the actions of others. When an employee does suffer an illness or injury as a direct result of one's duties, then he or she may be entitled to file a claim for benefits from the state's workers' compensation program.

Doctor states refusal to assist on workers' compensation cases

Those who are injured on the job often suffer more than the physical injury. Depending on the circumstances, some may also suffer significant brain trauma or psychological damages that prevent their healing. Tennessee workers who are injured may need referrals from workers' compensation to seek specialized treatment. 

Education can reduce need for some workers' compensation claims

Teenagers who are looking to enter the job market often lack knowledge concerning workplace safety. It is important that employers provide proper training and safety information that can help prevent workplace injuries. Tennessee employers are encouraged to ensure that their workforces are educated on ways to perform their duties in a manner that may reduce the likelihood of teens needing to file workers' compensation claims.

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