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Can you recover from a spinal injury?

There are several kinds of spinal cord injuries that happen, but they are all categorized as either incomplete or complete injuries. With an incomplete injury, there may still be pain or sensation below the point of injury. With a complete injury, there is no movement or nerve reaction below the point of injury.

Psychological and physical issues arise after amputation

You were traveling on the highway when it happened. The semitruck in front of you began to brake quickly. It was raining, so you braked but slid. You tried to move over a lane to avoid a crash. You were successful, but the semi lost control and jackknifed into your vehicle.

Get compensation after disfigurement changes your life

After an accident, it's important that you have a chance to recover your economic losses. Depending on the severity of the collision, that might include costs for medical care, expenses related to repairing or replacing your vehicle, lost wages and other losses. There are cases in which your family may be able to collect some economic damages as well, particularly if they're impacted by your inability to work.

You can file a claim after you're scarred or disfigured

Scarring and disfigurement aren't just physical injuries. They take a mental toll as well. Imagine knowing that you'll never look like you did before an accident. Maybe you're suffering from burns that cause you constant pain or have scarring that changes the color of large patches of your skin. Whatever the disfigurement is, it is painful physically and mentally.

Compensation for your Tennessee crash relies on fault

You were driving when another vehicle pulled out from a side street and hit you. It was an unusual circumstance, because you had only just pulled out from a side street yourself. Despite that, you were on the road prior to the driver pulling out, and you can prove it because of how you were hit.

Child falls out of amusement park ride, suffers injuries

When you take your children to an adventure park, amusement park or other activity park, it's important that they're kept safe. You expect that the rides are well taken care of and that the people running them know how to secure your children into their seats. Failing to do so could result in accidents that you can file a personal injury lawsuit over. That may be just what happens in this story out of Tennessee involving a fall at a local amusement park.

What does Tennessee do to limit drunk drivers on the roads?

You didn't notice the other car until it was inches away from yours. At that point, you couldn't do anything. The next thing you know, you're waking up in a hospital with an IV, casts and morphine drip. You were in a serious collision caused by a drunk driver.

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